About our Program

About Our Organization

Who is Crime Stoppers?
In 2012 Rochester Police Department and the Olmsted County Sheriffs Office partnered with Crime Stoppers of Minnesota to start Crime Stoppers of Rochester and Olmsted County. Crime Stoppers operate separately from Law Enforcement to collect valuable information from the public.  We collect information about crimes that may not otherwise be available to authorities.
Mission Statement
Crime Stoppers of Rochester and Olmsted County's mission is to assist law enforcement in solving crimes with the help of anonymous tips provided by members of the general public. Crime Stoppers seeks to develop and implement crime solving programs that work. We seek to make the neighborhoods and communities a safer place to live, work and play. We provide the people of Rochester and Olmsted County with a safe alternative to silence.

Our Organization
Crime Stoppers provides an option to direct contact with law enforcement to report crime information.  Our tools for providing information protect people and help victims!  We rely on public awareness and local support from communities so that we can provide coordination with law enforcement and highlight cases in the media. 
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota has no paid staff and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  We rely on donations to sustain our continued operation. 
Your Support at Work
We are funded by private donations and fundraising efforts.
Volunteer Board of Directors includes people from throughout Minnesota who provide direction on financial and operational activities. 
The Board of Directors determines rewards amounts and distributes them to tipsters confidentially.

Mission Statement

Crime Stoppers is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. Crime Stoppers provides a method for local law enforcement to receive information on crimes. These efforts increase tips, which in turn increase arrests in our community.

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